Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer online coaching?

Yes. All aspects of the DevWestLifestyle program can be performed remotely. 

Do I HAVE to do resistance training to lose fat? 

If you want best results, yes. In order to make the most of the program and advice given some resistance training will be incredibly beneficial. It will ensure your body is targeting body FAT when losing weight, keep you strong and make losing bodyfat easier!


The amount or resistance training will vary from person to person, and each program is 100% personalized to you. Other forms of exercise, especially those you enjoy are encouraged.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation of your current plan requires 30 days of written notice. Notice can be given through either email or text message. All payments are final and no refund will be given unless at the sole discretion of DevWestLifestyle.

Clients are in agreement with the above policies upon the first payment

What's the best way to lose bellyfat? 

Despite what your Instagram influencers might tell you there is no way to target a specific area of fat through exercise. There is some research to suggest that your hormones, specifically high levels of cortisol, can contribute to increased amounts of belly fat. Decreasing stress is therefore a significant part of the DevWestLifestyle plan. Consistency and patience is the answer. Stubborn areas of fat will get reached if you are in a caloric deficit for long enough.